Employment at Wakeman

Working for Youth

Wakeman Boys & Girls Club employs talented individuals who embody our  core values , strong work ethic and focus on putting kids first.  Successful candidates exemplify and demonstrate the highest character and technical qualifications of their specific position. 
Our professional team works with seasonal part time Senior Staff, Junior Staff (teens), Program Staff and Instructors, working together to provide a great experience to hundreds of youth and teens each day throughout the year.

All  candidates for employment undergo background checks and should expect to complete a drug test as a condition of hiring.

Available positions will be posted below.  Please send a completed employment application to the director listed.  Adult applicants should also include a resume and cover letter. 

Professional Staff - Our Youth Development, Management, Resource Development, and Administrative team members bring a wealth of varied experiences through their education, prior real world experience and interest in youth related causes.  Professional Staff hold full time and part time positions at the Club.

There are no Professional Staff positions currently open.

Senior Staff/Adult Program Staff - Teams of dedicated adults work part-time during afternoons, evenings and weekends.  Senior Staff are responsible for supervising Club members, programs and the facility, as well as assisting full-time staff with program set up, clean up and administrative tasks.

Southport Clubhouse - Send application to Clare Mahoney  clare@wakemanclub.org
Smilow-Burroughs Clubhouse - Send application to Ruben Goodwin ruben@wakemanclub.org
McKinley Outreach Extension - No positions are currently open.
Claytor Lighthouse Program - Send application to Ruben Goodwin ruben@wakemanclub.org

Junior Staff - High school students in grades 10, 11 and 12 make up the Club's Junior Staff program, where they supervise youth and teen members, teach classes, provide customer service to parents and visitors, and assist adult staff with various administrative tasks.  Junior Staff develop interpersonal skills, work ethic and sense of community responsibility through this paid position.  Hiring is conducted in July and August annually for the upcoming school year.  Additional staff may be hired throughout the year as needed.

Southport Clubhouse - No positions are currently open.
Smilow-Burroughs Clubhouse - No positions are currently open.
McKinley Outreach Extension - Assistant Instructors Fall 2017 - Send application to Amanda Sheldon  amanda@wakemanclub.org 

- Adults with a variety of talents and knowledge lead the Club's many classes in multi-week programs, with each class typically 60-90 minutes weekly for four to eight week sessions.  Experienced instructors teach classes such as tennis, art, multi-sport, STEM, computers, field hockey, weight training, culinary and dozens of other areas of focus.

Summer Camp - Staff for the Club's summer programs are scheduled from among staff who work at the clubhouse during the school year.  Occasionally, the Club will seek additional part-time seasonal staff.  Openings may be posted here.
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