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Teens Learn O.N. the Job at Old Navy

Ten Smilow-Burroughs Clubhouse teens recently visited the Old Navy Store on Black Rock Turnpike in Fairfield for a valuable learning experience through the O.N. the Job Program. Whether they were thinking of saving for college, new clothes or just some fun with friends, the idea of a part time job offered exciting new independence and valuable life skills.
​The hands-on, in-store shadowing experience focused on attaining a first time job is one of several components of a long-standing partnership between Old Navy and Boys & Girls Clubs of America.
The store visit began with a shopping spree as each teen picked out their ideal back to school wardrobe before ringing up purchases at the register. They then headed to the back office to discuss how working minimum wage impacts decision making.

“I learned the number of hours I’d need to work to pay off one outfit. My total was like $205. I’d need to work about 21 hours to pay it off,” said 8th grader Elijah. “It would be long but also feel good to pay off buying my own clothes.”

Teens also learned from store employees about the application process, which includes an application, personality survey and interview.

8th grader Jonathon soaked up the interview tips, “I wouldn’t want to act shy (in an interview). They want to know that you are open and able to associate with any customer who walks in. Don’t be afraid to ask questions because the complications of a job mean a lot if you don’t ask.”

Clubhouse staff Tayjon Stinson chaperoned the trip. “I felt they really enjoyed the experience – how to budget money, the typical day of a front line employee, and how hard it is (getting a job).”

Wakeman Boys & Girls Club is grateful for Old Navy’s focus on teaching real job skills to teens who are looking for – and almost ready to look for – their first part time job. The partnership is is one of many valuable components of the Club’s education, character and leadership development programs.
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