News - 2016 Breakfast - Tyshawn Speech

November 14, 2016: 15th Annual Celebrity Breakfast
Excerpts of 5th grade member Tyshawn’s speech to 215 guests

My name is Tyshawn and I’m a fifth grader at McKinley School. I have been in the Wakeman Mentoring
Program for three years. I had three mentors, including this guy Spencer for the past two years (pointing
thumb at teen next to him).

My mentors help me become a better student by teaching me good study habits.
They help me become a better reader by practicing together every week. We worked on listening and
patience so I can be a better friend.

Whenever I’m having a bad day, Spencer is always ready to help me. Sometimes when I get a lot of
homework, I feel like I’ll never get it done. But he keeps me motivated so I can focus.

Even though my favorite part of mentoring is playing outside, I know homework comes first. My mentors
taught me the value of hard work, and I love seeing my hard work pay off!

I am fortunate that I had a mentor the past three years teaching me multiplication, tossing a football on the
field and so much more. This is my last year in the program. I will really miss it but I know I am better
prepared to move on to middle school and maybe one day I can come back to be a mentor at McKinley!

Thank you for listening to me today and for supporting programs like mentoring at Wakeman.
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