News - 2016 Breakfast - Kaleigh Speech

November 14, 2016: 15th Annual Celebrity Breakfast
Excerpts of 6th grade member Kaleigh’s speech to 215 guests

Wakeman has always been one of those places where it is just an incredible society. Everyone just gets along
and it amazes me when I come every day and it is still in one piece because of all of the kids that come here!
Now, my parents work full time so they trust the people that work here to take care of me… and TRUST me,
they do!!

Over the past 3 ½ years, Wakeman has become a 2nd home to me. Every week, I come here and do what I love
most…BE ACTIVE! Playing sports is one of the main reasons I come to the Club- that and so my parents aren’t
telling me to get off my butt!! But besides that, I WANT TO.

Fun is something that Wakeman has a lot of. Every week, I WANT to come here. It’s something that I look
forward to. Coming here means I can be free and have fun.

You also get to meet people. When I first came here, I didn’t know many people. Now, I couldn’t walk through
2 rooms without all of my friends saying ‘HI!’ to me. And personally, I think that is pretty important!
I don’t know if you know this but, Wakeman started out as an ALL BOYS Club. Now, it’s not like that anymore.
Wakeman has especially grown my strength as a girl. All of the people around me have guided me through all
of the tough times and have always been there for me…AND MAN, can I tell youuuuu… I HAVE LEARNED A

They’ve taught me to help people through the ‘tough’ times and guide people through the happy ones. I hope
that when I grow up, I can help other kids like they’ve helped me!

Ok, so Wakeman started me off with my sports life. This is where I learned to play basketball and now I play
for the Fairfield Travel Team and Wakeman was also the place where I learned to play lacrosse… Without
Wakeman to be there for me, to guide me, I wouldn’t be where I am today.

I like to think of it as building blocks. If you want to build the tallest tower out of all of your friends, you have
to build a solid and stable base. Wakeman is like my base in life. It is always there when I fall down and still
right there to build me up again. Without a base, you will fall right down and you won’t go very far in the 
competition. But now that I’ve had Wakeman as my base, I think that I can go far, and that is all thanks to
them. Thank you.
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