New Faces, New Roles of Directors

New Face, New Roles at the Club

The Southport Clubhouse welcomed John Novak to the newly created position of Program Director- Arts, Technology & Academic Success. In his new role, John maintain the Clubs arts focus, increase the Club’s growing focus on academics support of members, and introduce members to new innovative Science, Technology, Engineering & Math programming. John was previously a Youth Counselor at Kids in Crisis. John grew up in Fairfield County and attended Greenwich High School before attending Springfield College, where he earned his B.A. in Youth Development with a minor in Sociology and YMCA Professional Studies. 

“I’m really excited to work for the Club – a place so ingrained in the community as a caring environment aligned with my own passion for helping kids discover and succeed academically – especially with the Arts and STEM,” said John.

Also at the Southport Clubhouse, Maria Cimina shifted her role to Director of Leadership Development & Global Citizenship.  While already focusing on Keystone Club and Junior Staff, Maria adds Torch Club and emerging opportunities for teen leadership in the Club and greater community.

Geoff Baranger expands his role from Field Sports Director to Director of Sports, Fitness & Recreation to encompass all after school based physical activity classes and leagues in addition to lacrosse.

Laura Magnotta recently moved into the role of Smilow-Burroughs Clubhouse Unit Director.  Laura was previously Wakeman's Associate Director of Development.   Laura will focus her attention on overall management of Smilow-Burroughs Clubhouse operations.  Just prior to the summer, Ruben Goodwin was named Senior Program Director, moving to the Bridgeport Clubhouse after ten years in Southport.  Ruben is using his previous Southport experience and knowledge of the local Black Rock community to strengthen the Club’s impact on members through relationships with families, schools and community partners.

The new roles reflect the changing needs of members, while capitalizing on the strengths of professional staff and emerging opportunities for the Club.

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