Sustainable Design- LEED Platinum                                                                          Smilow-Burroughs Clubhouse

Sustainable design has been an integral part of the design of the Smilow-Burroughs Clubhouse since day one. Even before the pencil went to paper, the topic of discussion focused on how to build a facility that would not only serve the youth of our community in terms of mentorship, healthy activities and a variety of educational programs. We also wanted to incorporate a sense of responsibility towards our environment. After all, what better way to influence the youth of our society than to lead by example! 

This Clubhouse not only provides spaces for our members including a gymnasium, gameroom, fitness studio, classrooms and technology center but the facility itself serves as an educational tool. The Smilow-Burroughs Clubhouse is a ‘living’ example of responsible construction and design that addresses a variety of environmental issues as well as addressing the health of its occupants.

As you enter the clubhouse, you are invited to browse the kiosk located in the lobby area; an interactive monitor will allow you to see the solar photo-voltaic panels located on the roof and to witness in real time, how much energy the panels are currently harvesting from the sun. To the right of the monitor, check out the 100% recycled insulation located within the walls. 
Other sustainable features that have been incorporated into the Smilow-Burroughs Clubhouse include: 

- Views to the outdoors has been ensured for over 90% of the occupied spaces by strategically incorporating windows throughout the building, including interior rooms that would typically be constructed of solid walls without windows. Occupant comfort at the Smilow-Burroughs Clubhouse goes beyond temperature comfort and indoor air quality. Providing the ability to connect with the outdoors provides an intangible comfort level.

- The gymnasium floor is a "Greenplay” floor system and the first of its kind in Connecticut. The floor consists of a recycled subfloor along with an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) maple top layer. Over 50% of all wood on the project is FSC certified. 

- More than 25% of the architectural and structural components of the building are composed of recycled material.

- More than 30% of the architectural and structural components of the building were manufactured and harvested within 500 miles of the building. Selecting materials in close proximity to the project site significantly reduced the negative impacts associated with long distance shipping of materials.

-PC Array was installed on the roof to produce 55 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year. 

- Waterless urinals, along with low flow toilets, low flow shower heads and low flow lavatory faucets have resulted in a 40% water use reduction.
- The building insulation is made from 100% recycled denim. 

- The clubhouse was constructed using all low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) products. These include all sealants, paints, coatings and flooring systems. Low VOC equates to better indoor air quality throughout the building.

- A white roof was installed on the Smilow-Burroughs Clubhouse to reduce the heat island effect and to reduce the amount of energy required to cool the building. White roofs, as opposed to black roofs, reflect heat as opposed to absorbing heat.

Please contact the Smilow-Burroughs Clubhouse at 203-908-3378 as free guided tours are offered upon request. We are very proud of this facility and would be more than happy to share with you all of the sustainable aspects of our facility. Our design approach focused on protecting the environment as well as protecting the occupant health of all visitors, members, and staff. 

To schedule a free guided tour, please call us at 203-908-3378 and ask to speak with Laura Magnotta or Jenn Vega. We look forward to seeing you at the clubhouse!
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