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What is Keystone Club?
Keystone is Boys & Girls Club of America’s (BGCA) premiere teen character and citizenship program. Keystone Clubs are service and leadership clubs for young people ages 14-18. This unique leadership development experience provides opportunities for youth to provide awareness and impact through activities in four focus areas: community service, academic success, career preparation and teen outreach. With the guidance of an adult advisor, Keystone Clubs aim to have a positive impact on members, the Club and community.
Vision for the Future
Keystone Club is a teen-driven movement. Teens have a great opportunity to be change agents in their communities. Through thought-driven projects that address key social issues, teens have the ability to shape the course of our nation’s future. The future of Keystoning lies in the combined efforts of local Clubs giving direction to this national movement.
4 Areas of Focus
To promote leadership among Club teens, the Keystone Club program provides opportunities and programs in four focus areas: 

• Community service 
• Academic success 
• Career preparation 
• Teen outreach 

Keystoners can often be found assisting the community with food and clothing drives as part of their civic engagement responsibilities, hosting teen relevant Summits on issues such as diversity, safe driving, academic success, depression/anxiety, or sponsoring career and college fairs that educate youth on the college process/resume building and college essay editing. With these events, coupled with a foundation of strong leadership and good character, there are no limits to what Keystoners can achieve!!
Strengthening Good Character in Keystone Club
Character is defined as: 
• Knowing the good (moral knowing) 
• Loving the good (moral feeling) 
• Doing the good (moral behavior) 

The National Keystone Club program builds character as it challenges young people to develop characteristics of positive and ethical leaders. The continued character development that occurs in the Keystone program is equally as important as leadership development that occurs through project planning and implementation. More and more, we hear stories about the actions of others who exemplify questionable character and thus, others suffer because of these actions. Keystoners learn to make ethical decisions, the importance of civic involvement, and the virtues of honesty, responsibility, integrity, self-discipline and trustworthiness. With the many decisions Keystoners must make, they are challenged to become leaders of exceptional character. Discussions and activities that address character development are critical components of the overall success of a Keystone Club.
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