Flag Football League Wraps Up Memorable Season

Flag Football League Wraps Up Memorable Season in Southport

The Southport Clubhouse's flag football league for 3rd-5th and 6th-8th grades wrapped up with the Super Bowl in each league last week. Seventy-eight players joined the league this fall, with a 3rd-5th grade division offered for the first time.  While the weekly concern for players may be on wins and stats, the Club focus is on providing a positive outlet for physical activity in a safe setting for kids and pre-teens during critical after school hours.

With pre-season evaluations and drafts to balance teams, high school aged coaches and referees assist Senior Staff in providing a fun, competitive experience for members seeking the excitement of football without the heavy pads and hitting of regular football.
Many players ride the bus from school to the Clubhouse on game days.  In 6th-8th grade division play, the undefeated Seattle Seahwawks lost to the New England Patriots in the final minutes, while the Washington Redskins ran away with the title in the 3rd-5th grade league. After the final games, all players in the league were invited to the end of year pizza party held in the Clubhouse Lounge. First, second and third place medals were awarded to each team.

"Wakeman provides the setting for a positive sports program, but its the players who bring their enthusiasm and teamwork to make it a great experience in the Wakeman tradition of having fun, learning and making new friends," said Sports, Fitness & Recreation Director Geoff Baranger.
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