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The Smilow-Burroughs Clubhouse is committed to supporting the educational growth and life skills development through innovative programs and partnerships.  Our Sustained Education programs provide that support for members from middle school until college or work force entry.
diplomas 2 Degrees                                                                                                      
Boys & Girls Grades 7-12

diplomas2Degrees (d2D) is the Boys & Girls Club of America's college readiness, access, and success program providing a range of services to help guide Club members through high school graduation and make plans for post-secondary education and career success.

The program features the following components:

High-yield activities focused on a variety of topics to help teens understand why college is important, including academic preparation, guidance from mentors, searching for colleges, the application process, financial aid, and what to expect in college.

The Teen College Guide offers tips on achieving academic success and planning for post-secondary education. The guide also makes planning for college much easier by helping teens build a college admission portfolio.
To learn more about diplomas 2 Degrees, contact Gina Osegueda at or 203-908-3378.
Career Launch                                                                                                  
Boys & Girls Ages 13-18

CareerLaunch, BGCA’s premier job-readiness and career-preparation program offers a variety of activities to hone teens’ decision-making, problem-solving and critical-thinking abilities — important skills for workplace success. Youth get the chance to explore various careers based on their interests and talents, determine the corresponding educational path they need to pursue, and map out a plan for their future. 

Our nation’s teens need support and guidance in setting career goals and improving their employ-ability skills.

Boys & Girls Club teens ages 13 to 18.  

High-school youth already working:
Start with the essential workplace skills activities, move to job-search activities, and then the career exploration and planning component. 

High-school youth seeking a first job: 
Start with job-search activities, move to the essential workplace skills activities, and then the career exploration and planning component of the program. 

Starting November 2nd at 5:00pm in the Teen Lounge 

Questions? Contact Gina at or 203-908-3378
Boys & Girls Grades 6-8

Sparks is a collaborative effort with Tauck Inc. providing members who otherwise may not have the opportunity, with travel experiences that will have a lasting impact. Sparks is inspired by the William Butler Yates quote, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire”. 

The program aims to spark members' interest in travel, history and the world as a whole. Program participants take part in weekly classes throughout the school year and summer leading up to a week long group travel experience. Members then present their journey to other Club members, their family and the community.
Sikorsky Mentoring
Boys & Girls Grades 5-6

Wakeman partners with Sikorsky Aircraft for a STEM Mentoring program. Volunteers from Sikorsky work with members in fifth and sixth grade to provide youth structured, hands-on activities facilitated in small groups. While in the program, mentors help mentees with social development and academic achievement. Mentors and mentees work through a series of STEM modules to increase their knowledge and ignite a passion for STEM related fields.   
For more information, contact Melissa Moy at 203-908-3378 or
STEM Mentoring
Boys & Girls Grades 3-4

The STEM Mentoring Program began in January of 2016  to provide youth with structured, hands-on activities facilitated in small groups by supportive mentors. The overall goal of STEM Mentoring is to positively impact the social development and academic achievement of our members. This program is funded by the Sea Research Foundation.

The program is broken up into three "modules”:

Module 1 
Waste Wise Challenge: Mentors and mentees will work together as a Junior FIRST® LEGO® League (Jr.FLL) team to research a piece of trash, explore simple machines, and experience the engineering design process. At the end of the module, teams will attend a Jr.FLL Expo to show off their work to family, friends, and others! The module concludes with a field trip to LEGO Land.

Module 2
Quickball Math: In this action-packed module, provided inpartnership with the Cal Ripken, Sr. Foundation, mentors and mentees will practice fundamental math skills in connection with fun activities on the Quickball field. The module concludes with a field trip to see a ball game.

Module 3
Endangered Species: Adventure Mentors and mentees will become conservation-minded citizens of the future as they learn about endangered species around the world and the daily choices they can make to protect the environment closer to home. The module concludes with a field trip to  Mystic Aquarium.

How the Program Works
The 24 members are divided into 6 groups of 4 members. Each group has an adult volunteer mentor, assisted by high school junior volunteer mentors. The groups do not change, nor do the mentors. The program meets on Mondays and Wednesdays from 4:30-5:30pm. 

For more information, contact Melissa Moy at 203-908-3378 or
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